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Creating a new account


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I want to say that if you create a new account then it’ll be violation of fiverr’s TOC so if you do it then your freelancing career of fiverr may be end so don’t do it. I’m touching your legs don’t do it brother.

No I’m not doing it, just asking

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I created this fiverr seller account an year ago, but i wasn’t active, so my response time is too low.

Created some new gigs recently but not getting any order,

Need your help

do I need to create a new account to start again? Or should I use the current one?

You cannot just create a new Gig because your old one is not doing what you would hope it would. Fiverr would at some point see you have 2 accounts and both would be restricted or banned.

Your response time is low because you either did not answer messages within the 24 hour period Fiverr gives you OR you took days to respond to messages.

The only way you can create a new account, which really, is not necessary, is to contact Customer Service and ask them if you can delete your old account and create a new one. Most likely they will just tell you to improve your response time and Gigs.

I’m touching your legs

What an odd thing to say. 😆


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