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Gigs Impressions are increasing

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I have a gig which is almost my only gig with orders.
I remember I read somewhere about gig impressions and well I took her advices.
Sadly I don’t remember the blog post but here are tips I remember.
for new sellers like me I think sharing gig on twitter will be much better than other platforms.
She also mentioned not to do that every time since based on fiverr algorithm those who are not a fiver member will be flagged as spam if they’re a lot. (dunno if it’s right or not)
But what I really think improved my gig impression is being online both fiverr and fiverr forums.
I really didn’t change my gig I only changed the price and increased it.
I also sent some offers in buyer requests which I think is really effective.
The only thing I really don’t know is why only this gig is getting attentions not my other gigs.
Anyway this is my experience

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