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Buyer keep on asking for revisions even after project completion?

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Hi, its been more than a month the order is completed but the buyer is keep on asking for changes inbox. I have gone too far in helping but now I am sick and tired of revisions. It seems endless. Changes are also ridiculous like put space, comma, paranthesis, change font than i will see how it looks so and so. Am I supposed to work on completed project / Please advise.

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Next time they send you a “revision” request, you need to put your foot down - BUT FIRST - I have to ask, does your Gig offer “unlimited revisions”, or do you have a set amount that you offer?

If you offer unlimited, you may be stuck, because unlimited to your buyer means just that - that they can come back for an eternity and ask for changes to the original work. This is why IF you are offering unlimited revisions (or even the 100% satisfaction guarantee line) you basically become beholden to them for as long as they desire, and Fiverr may even side with them!

Now, if you do NOT offer the above unlimited etc stuff - or if you offer revisions, and have already done all the revisions you offer (say you offer 2 and have done 2), that IS when you need to put your foot down and tell them that you only offer X amount of revisions on this Gig and that if they need changes, you will be glad to send them a Custom Offer for X amount to make those changes.

Since the original order is completed and it has been more than a month, they cannot go and give a bad rating on your Gig. Sure, they can try to cancel the order - but, it will be much more difficult for them (hopefully) now that it has completed.

Take control and do not be a doormat!!! Your time is valuable!


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