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Buyer is not responding after days


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I recently designed a motion logo for a buyer and I delivered his files on time, I know fiverr will make this order as a complete project in 3 days but after reading some topics about scamming sellers I do fear about same thing!
I really hope he doesn’t scam me. but lets be honest there’s a high chance of getting scammed just because of fiverr wrong policy about cancelling orders!
after delivering a file cancelling shouldn’t be done easy.
I’m reading lots of topics here just saying buyers cancel an order after delivery and fiver refunds the money.

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if buyer want then give revision…I think revision helps both of u. sorry don’t mind I don’t have too much idea about this

Problem is he’s offline for 2 days, I don’t know if he wants a revision or not

also revisions can’t be done unless he asks for

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