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Seller cancels order and being unprofessional!

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Hi, i need some help. I had many bad experiences on Fiverr and it keeps going. So i asked a 3D modeler to make a head from a person which is also a little bit famous but in real life we work together, due Covid we cannot meet because thats how strict the rules are where i live. So i decided to ask a modeler with permission of course to make a head of the person at first he blocked me because i didn’t reply fast enough then he unblocked me and the money budget was too low we then came to an agreement. After a month of progress he then decides to cancel my order because he thinks i’m lying and doesn’t trust me along with thinking it’s illegal… I kept saying i could prove the permission but he continued being a as*hole. I already contact Fiverr support for this, but this is so sad i wasted so much time expecting he could save us some time and we could continue with our project and he doesn’t believe a thing what i say but the head of a famous person on his gig is allowed and not illegal? Same with the orders that he showed me from people that were made from famous people? I just don’t get it and i hope Fiverr support can come between this because i think this unacceptable so unprofessional! The funny thing he said was stop wasting my time now… While he actually wasted ours a month long. He really crushed our project into pieces.

Anything i can do and what can happen to this seller? I’m also afraid he is gonna use my order as his art to show off on his gig after some time and i don’t want that.

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It is becoming far more common than not here.

There are a lot of unqualified Buyers and Sellers.

Did you connect with this Seller through the Buyers Requests feature?

That may be one reason you ended up with someone who is possibly less qualified than they said they were.

You just have to be careful who you hire here.

Maybe next time conduct a search for Sellers and then go through the options before you pick someone.

Good luck.

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