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My gigs performance has suddenly dropped and the gig has dissapeared


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For the past few weeks, my gig has been doing well with over 100 impressions a day. However, in the last few days, my gigs impressions have plummeted to me getting 0 impressions a day. What is strange is that when I used to search my gig up it came first on the list but now I cannot find it at all.

Here are my impressions for the past few days:
May 20th: 215
May 21st: 181
May 22nd: I changed the gig pictures (looks around 150)
May 23rd: 1
May 24th: 0
May 25th: 1

I know that fiverr changes the gigs on the first page to give everyone a fair chance but my gig has now vanished.

I also know that editing the gig can also affect the impressions however it was plummeting before that.

If anyone has an idea why this has happened or what I should do from here please let me know. Thanks!

Side note: I didn’t want to put this in the main text as it probably isn’t important however I have noticed in the analytics it says I have -1 orders in queue. That might mean my gig is glitched or it could mean I have had 1 less orders than last week I’m not sure.

Thanks to everyone in advance!

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