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Motivation for Newbies


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Being an experienced Graphics designer on Fiverr for years without orders does not mean you are not good or qualified . According to Top freelancers advices, they let me know that you have to put in your best and improve your skills . What are the skills to improve?

  1. Communication skill( irrespective of your language)
  2. Your demanding skill I.e your freelance skill
  3. Stay tuned to buyers request and improve your proposal
    With all this I was told that I will be successful. Although, I have not gotten my BREAKTHROUGH order but I think I am improving everyday and I will get there.

This is a motivation to all of us Newbies “wewillgetthere
You can check out my designs here for potential buyers and Top rank freelancer willing to help .
I advice newbies drop their amazing profile also.

favicon-32x32.png.e3acf590ff19e70c13ff7c52338c3cab.png Fiverr.com ebdf3761-5c97-4c2c-bd60-fb52f8b23bfd.jpg.c61177c3350013a276052a0e7e45e677.jpg

semitt's public profile on Fiverr

Hi there,My name is Semiu, a 3+ years experience Graphics designer from Nigeria.I live and breathe graphic design, which is the main area of my focus. In addition,I am passionate about client's success and go...

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