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Never copy same comment or Post

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Yesterday I try to help one of us on the forum. I see our other brother wants to know the same thing so that I copy my previous comment and post this on his topic. But community removed my both comment. It’s Sad! 😞 so never post the same comment or post

Thank you

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I don’t understand, is this is the reason I was link my profile on this comment so that they removed it?

Check this:

When you are considering a new post or replying to a post - think about this first: • It is spam to offer your services or even put a link to your gigs or profiles at the bottom of your post UNLESS you are posting in My Fiverr Gigs • It is spam to reply to a thread offering your services or link to gigs/profiles unless the thread is in My Fiverr Gigs. • It is spam to post in Tips for Buyers and say that your tip is for the buyers to buy a gig from you • It is spam to try to sell non-F…
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