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Will I change my old GIG?


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First, you can edit your gig. Share your gig on social media platforms. Stay active as much as you can. Then wait a few days & see what happens. After these, if there’s still nothing changed, then go for deleting the gig.

social media means- facebook, twitter, instagram etc


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Yes you could edit your gig(s) or create gigs you would be best at. Or you could pause a gig if instead of deleting if you wanted, if you thought it would help.
The average response time of 37 days might be lowering the chance of orders & messages.

Here’s some suggestions for the gigs:
Gig: I will write brand viral article by using copyscape premium
In the FAQ section:
Maybe change “What will be happened if founded any plagiarism” in question 5.
Maybe change “so no way to found plagiarism in my articles.” in answer 5.

Gig: I will creat your website with customizing and develop
In the gig title:
“creat” could be “create”

In the gig description:
Maybe change “Hallow dear,”

In the profile:
Maybe change “I like to work with enjoy.”
Maybe change “Im a”

Also in your gig about writing USA related articles the FAQ questions are all like a quiz about the USA when the FAQs are supposed to be about the gig itself (what buyers would want to know about your gig).

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