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How can I increase my impression and click?

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There are many ways to improve impression and click.

  1. Share it on social media.
  2. Send buyer request.
  3. Stay online as much time you can.
  4. Target low competitive keywords
  5. Use a super eye catchy banner/image
  6. Make sure the content is super intuitive.

I hope those might be helpful. 😀

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Wow, so how can a new seller ‘weather the storm’

It could be worse, there are about 158,000 gigs for logo design.

I posted this last month. It might interest you. The pandemic caused more sellers to become freelancers.

I just looked over some stats I had written down when the once-a-month evaluation system went into effect. Does anyone remember what year that was? I am thinking late in 2017 or early in 2018. We used to call the monthly evaluation day “St. Level’s Day.” At that time, I kept track each month to see how many lost their levels. At that time, there were a total of 6960 proofreaders under the category “Proofreading and Editing.” Now there are 15,682! Of the total proofreaders now, there are12,682 n…

Hmmn, this is serious! I can see how tough the terrain is at the moment, with these daring statistics from way back in 2017 till date but I am also willing to keep pushing to success.

I’m optimistic that ‘the sun will shine again’, with the encouragement of good people like you, we will push through. Thanks again @vickiespencer, I appreciate your candid opinion 👍

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Don’t listen to that type of advice.

Some newbs here seem to think if you sit in front of your computer 24/7 that it will somehow make you a success here - no, it will not. What makes you successful is offering a service that someone NEEDS. Unfortunately, most new sellers here tend to put their Gigs in the most saturated categories and then wonder why months later, they have still not gotten one order or message.


Thank you and great information 🙂

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