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Should I confront scammer or leave it to CS?

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I am dealing with an extremely unjust and unfortunate conflict.

  1. A buyer has stolen and used my delivery without marking it as complete

  2. Has refused to accept it

  3. Verbal harassing me with blackmail and inappropriate language that the work was not good (yet they have already used it for their purpose/stole it)

  4. I have been trying to communicate with CS but they are not understanding the degree of the situation that my work has been stolen and used without getting marked as complete. Eventhough I have shared evidence of the work being stolen/used

Should I show this evidence to the buyer/scammer and confront them?

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At this point I would.

I would’ve attached a screenshot and a very dry message stating that they are already using your work and that they are not allowed to do so until the order marked as completed.

Plus I would’ve asked a CS agent to contact your client on your behalf to let them know that they are not allowed to use deliveries before the order is accepted.

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