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Cannot withdraw cleared funds via PayPal!


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I submitted to customer service yesterday, and am freaking out because this is a pretty urgent matter. I withdraw my funds a couple of times per month, and wasn’t expecting to encounter any problems, and now I’m down to the wire.

Here’s the issue:

My ability to withdraw funds from my PayPal account has been disabled. The button is "greyed out."

My last withdraw was April 15th, and I have cleared funds that I need to transfer to my PayPal account. (I need this money to pay my rent very soon, and I’m concerned because it takes a few days to transfer to the bank from PayPal.) So basically I either needed to withdraw this yesterday or today!!! I’m hoping this is not a permanent change or a commonly occurring problem…

Has anyone else encountered this, and how quickly/easily was it resolved? This is super concerning… 😦

Thanks for your input!

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