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Can you make a living out of it?


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I’d love to hear from way experienced people here, who were “rising stars” long ago and now have much more to tell.

I’ve been struggling a bit for some months to just get off the ground here, earn enough to get at least 1 check. I’m on $8 right now. I understand the fiverr must be something really simple or else it is not worth it. I don’t see how some people do complex stuff such as videos for $5 or work for hours.

I suppose they have a lot of free time and nothing better to do with it. But if you’re trying to make a living, you have to optimize the time spent out of the gig to a maximum, or else you’ll end up working most of the time for free.

Maybe that is my main concern.

I just can’t see how, in the long run, that “gig support time” can be removed. Where you keep exchanging messages with the buyer to clarify points, to be nice, etc. It is too time consuming! And, with that, I can’t see how anyone could make a living out of fiverr.

But anyway… Can you?

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