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No order since 45 days

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You might just be waiting on Fiverr, someone come and get interested in your gig. Well, I would say its not gonna happen. May be 2/3 years back it might. But the competition is too tough now. You got to do a lot of hard work to get your gig on right place so that buyers can notice you.
Lets focus on how to build up your freelance profile on Fiverr.
First of all, is building a professional profile and professional gig.

  1. Write a professional intro of yourself in the profile.
  2. Building a strong, professional, and eye-catching gig. Check all the sections of Top-Rated, Level Two, and Level One Seller section. Check the top gigs in the best selling section. Check what sort of orders they are getting in each section. Create a plan and then design your gig accordingly from all the data you have collected.
  3. Write a professional gig description, that explains to the client what he/ she will get from this gig and why he/ she hires you.
  4. Search the buyers in the new seller’s section and level one section, check their tags. Write down the tags that repeating often, search on Fiverr and goggle to find out the best tags for your work area. Write those tags in the gig.
  5. Don’t go for high prices at the start or very low prices.

Getting your first order on the gig is most probably the main step to get your business started.

  1. You should focus on the Buyer Request.
  2. Also being online on Fiverr helps a lot in getting the first order.
  3. Last but not least, social media marketing such as different forums and social media sites is very crucial for your gigs because the Fiverr algorithm most probably gives more value to the gigs who gets more views from outside Fiverr.

Fiverr Algorithm keeps changing. There might be a lot of other stuff. If still you get no orders after all that. Then I would say the best thing to do is polish your skills in the meantime.

Hope these suggestions work for you!
Jazak Allah!

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