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Add Revision Request/Cancellation stats to Buyer profiles

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Every now and then, when negotiating concept art requests, I run into artists who are adamant about getting reference images before they start. If I knew what I wanted I wouldn’t be requesting concept art.

I have a feeling they’ve been burned by over-precise buyers before and I’m being pre-judged based on the wrongs other buyers have committed. I suspect they don’t want to get stuck in a revision request loop. I see that complaint a lot on here.

I would love if they could see how many works I’ve accepted on the first or second delivery as a ratio of total deliveries or something. They would probably love to be able to see when a buyer runs an average of eight revision requests or cancels more than half their orders. Maybe buyers would be more considerate of their specs and what they reject if they knew they were being judged for it.

I’m struggling to be a good buyer, accepting and paying for stuff I can’t use, and there’s no viable way for a seller to know that, so I get all the bad buyer hassle as if I was doing nothing.

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Disconnect, miscommunication, and terminology gaps do indeed contribute to the ‘reference images required’ stance. I can’t speak for other artists, but the number of times I’ve heard or seen ‘I want X’ when they actually mean ‘I want X.5^3*r’ and got ‘X’ and then complained about getting ‘X’…

It’s said a picture is worth a thousand words, and when there’s a language barrier too… (Not just English, but ‘hue, saturation, hexcode, motion blur, gradation, keyframes’ and dozens of other terms or jargon or acronyms that a buyer might not understand or use correctly…)

While a buyer providing references helps, a seller can and should ask questions back. Counter examples, however, can also be ‘expensive’, as a seller might have to try 20 ‘like this?’ attempts, when the buyer might have been able to offer something on the first. If the seller is using their own time to ‘research’ for the Buyer, they should be charging for this time, the same way they should charge for samples. Therefore, asking the buyer to provide the reference images can also save the Buyer an expense.

I’m getting off-topic.

Your suggestion of additional displayed stats is interesting, but I’ve no clue what the results would be, as there’s a HUGE number of sellers, specializations, styles, skill-levels, and scope offerings on Fiverr.

I like statistics, though, so my curiosity might not be shared by others.

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I feel like these types of stats would reveal the kind of buyer who says X and means X.5^3*r by them having higher revision request numbers since they would be unlikely to have any attempts accepted on the first try. If it takes 20 “like this?” attempts, that feels to me like an issue of the buyer not being able to help the process and not being effectively communicative. I’m not saying to add these stats to the seller profile, but just the buyer. To me, it’s the buyer’s job to push the spec, not the seller’s job to pull it. If communication is failing, it’s probably starting upstream on the buyer’s end since the data is generated on that side. Garbage in, garbage out.

My longest revision request chain was 5 or 6 pushbacks as I tried to get a logo maker to understand that I couldn’t open the file type he was sending me (.ai), so I needed a different file type (.jpg or .png). He seemed to think I was accusing him of sending me corrupted files. That hit to these types of stats would have been frustrating to me, but it’s manageable given how rare it is. It would move my 1.7/60 to a 1.8/61 or some such.

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As a seller - I totally get this frustration of buyers requesting many revisions, especially when the order scope clearly states '1 revision', but buyers are allowed to request unlimited.

I feel like this may discriminate against buyers who may have requested very legitimate revisions, which could potentially be due to the sloppy work of a seller.

I absolutely despise the idea of this statistic for sellers, because there is no option to decline revision requests without opening up a resolution centre option - therefore, I think it's a bit hypocritical of me to want it put in for buyers. 

Also, I really doubt Fiverr will input this, as it would potentially decrease number of sales due to sellers turning down buyers with bad statistics (fair enough). 

Great suggestion though, very unique!

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