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New of Fiverr, having poor reach

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Hi, I am a new seller on Fiverr. Please tell me some tips & tricks on how can I improve my account & increase my impression. Also, tell me how can I receive orders faster?

Amita Mittal

The Mumma s Secert3250×2004 2.07 MB

Thanks in advance.

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Already did and received 70 impression only

Hey Amita Mittal,

I see you’re new to Fiverr. Welcome to the community!

After publishing a Gig, it may take up to 3days to properly publish. Don’t worry on the Impression & Click.

What you need to do now

  • Be Active as much as possible.
  • Optimize your Gig SEO.
  • Do not change or edit the Gig (if it is not necessary), it will help you to rank.
  • Share your Gig in Social Media & groups.
  • Try to analyze other sellers Gig & follow their strategy
  • And lastly be Confident & Patient. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Thank You 😀

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1st of all. Make your Gigs SEO-friendly. Send buyer requests every day. Read the whole brief of the buyer then send him a request what will you do for him and also tell him you can do the work. If the buyer likes your proposal then you will get an order easily. Do marketing on social media. Share your gigs on social media. Search buyers and tell them to look at your service/gig.

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Hi Amita Mittal

Warm welcome to Fiverr family and forum…

You aware that competition is big on Fiverr. Tips and Tricks does not mean that you will get tasks immediately. Patience and Optimistic attitude can only help. Do the following things in Fiverr, you will definitely get amazing results.

  1. Create appealing Thumbnails
  2. Maximum Keywords includes to your Gig descriptions.
  3. Online presence is very important. (If a buyer approaches you then you should be available)
  4. Use fiverr forum regularly.
  5. Use social media for the Gig promotion. (FB, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Blogs, Forums etc…)
  6. Send Buyer’s Request.


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