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My rejuvenation story in fiverr

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I started to work in fiverr few years back when I was doing my graduation. I had different skills then. So I created gigs on video editing, photo editing, pdf editing, sound editing, animation etc. Basically I had knowledge in all of these but I was not a professional at that time. I got my first order in audio editing gig. Mostly I got small orders for animation, video edit and sound edit.
I could earn for my basic expenses from fiverr and I was a level 2 seller then.

After graduation, I did masters in sound design in film school. At that time I took a long break from fiverr due to different reasons.
Then , it was during the pandemic and lockdown days, I started to concentrate more on fiverr because film industry which I was working in was very much affected by the crisis. I was not even having a single penny in my hand.
I had to start all the way from beginning seller. What I did was deactivated all the gigs except sound edit because now I am a professional sound designer/ editor and wanted concentrate entirely on my profession . Then I edited existing gigs, modified and optimised them. I also created new specialised gig such as podcast edit , sound design etc. Slowly I started to get more orders for sound edit and design mostly podcast edit.

I like to share with you some thoughts/tips

While creating the gig, optimise them by giving proper tags and keywords.Upload a video showcasing your talents.

I use fiverr app in my phone. So, always I am connected with the marketplace. Whenever someone make an enquiry, I reply within a couple of minutes or under an hour.Most of the buyers like to get a fast response.

I deliver earlier than the delivery deadline.

I always provide my suggestions to the buyers on how we can improve on next project for example “providing the recorded audio peaking not more than -6 dB” . I always make make sure that client feels that more than money, my preference is of providing them with quality outputs. From my experience, money will follow if we are honest and have the dedication.

Now a days , when I respond to buyer request, I also include my resume. That gives us more professional outlook.
I wish all my friends a great time in fiverr. I like to know your thoughts too.

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Your Success Story Quite Motivational !!

As a experienced seller on Fiverr You provided us all relevant information… as we all newbies dealing with someway or other .

Kindly guide us in future too !

Thank You.

I am happy that my writings are helping people .

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Fantastic and motivational story about working in Fiverr as an expert, I am new comer on this platform, but seeing some bright future very soon, thanks.

Best wishes for your business in fiverr and I am happy that my writing motivated you

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Brother, I want to know that how you share your Resume on the buyer request. How you provide them. Can you tell us briefly about that?

I have my updated resume in google drive as a pdf document. When responding to the buyer requests, I attach the link to resume too. Please remember not to include any contact details in the document. Thank you

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