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Dear PRO, How your sales been in 2021?

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[ONLY asking PRO Seller]

Hi long time PRO seller, I will be promoted to PRO seller next week.
After my gig to PRO I will need to drop my best selling gig, they can’t be on the same category as you know.

I’m a 6 years TRS and recently facing very few sales & enquiries since last December like one of the TRS discussion on the forum:

I’m a Top Rated Seller and my gigs are dying - COVID-19 Discussions - Fiverr Community Forum

I wondering does your PRO sales get any affected since Pendemic especially starting this year 2021?

Please share your experience and I’m gladly appreciated.

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Hey @chrisdata


First of all, congratulations on being approved for Fiverr Pro.


That’s no small feat.

Now on to your question:

Fiverr Pro sales are not as frequent as regular gig ones. (Obviously)

In 2021 I think I have made about 6-7 Pro gig orders with a revenue of about $30,000.

It all depends on how you price your service, how you position your new offering and how you intend to hedge the fact that you will experience a lower volume of sales.

I am here if you have any questions just mention me and I will reply.

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