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A brief introduction about my designs as a newbie

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I am a newbie here. I am graphic designer and a graphic artist.
I am a professional logo expert and a guru. What is do is to analyze your business and come up with a creative design that fit in you brand. Even without seeing the business name, one can easily know the services the office.

I design posters, business card and stationary, flyers stickers, labels, my designs are always eye catching with cool colour and can make the end product very beautiful and amazing, and can bring smile to your face. Lol.

I don’t have much of my previous designs in my portfolio, I haven’t learnt much on how to Fiverr works but with the little I upload can tell you my job. If you need more of them, I can send them to you privately.

I am fast and reliable
My delivery time does not exceed out agreed day.
Mu designs are creative and simple.

You deserve the best…hit my dm let wow your imagination with the best designs.

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Hello, welcome to Fiverr! I checked out some of your gigs, they look really great! For first time prices they are good but as you get more customers increase your prices because they are worth it! I’ve seen custom graphic designs sell for a lot more. I’m new too so best wishes! Remember your worth 🙂

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