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Point out my mistakes Plz

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Hello everyone,

I am here to provide excellent and prompt services; on FIVERR, with 100% focus and dedication.
I received an order early on, got a good review, but then everything went ice cold.
Kindly check out the services I’m offering. I would very much appreciate it if you could actually go and check out my gigs and point out mistakes/flaws that I am unable to see.

Most of you are carrying a great deal of knowledge and expertise in your respective fields and I would love to benefit a little from that.

Your commentary/assessment/evaluation is requested!

# Professional conversion of PDF to word or excel

# professional data entry ms excel web research typing

# proofread edit and improve your document

# professional virtual assistant for all admin jobs

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My suggestions/comments:

Gig: I will do excel data entry web research cleaning and formatting
In the gig description:
“Web Scrapping” could be “Web Scraping”

Maybe take out “24 hours availability.” and “Immediate response” from the FAQ section.

In your gig image it says “Web Scrapping” too - maybe change.

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