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Hey everyone! Can you please review my GIG and tell me what you think?


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Hello everyone! Newbie here.

So I posted my gig about a week ago and it’s doing pretty decent right now. Although I didn’t get an order, the impressions and clicks are constantly growing, which is good. I was wondering if you guys could review it and tell me what you think about it.

Do you have any suggestions or tips? It will be really helpful. Thanks!

This is the gig.

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I would change your prices.

I would go $10 for 5 pages.
$15 for 10 pages and…
$20 for 15 pages.

That way you can promote your $20 offer as the BEST DEAL.

Don’t make your lowest priced option the one that generates the most business because you will only earn $4 from it once Fiverr takes their cut.

Price so YOU make a profit.

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