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Should I reply to a month old message from a potential buyer?

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Hey everyone! Wishing you all a good health. 😃

So… for some reason, I couldn’t log into my Fiverr profile for more than a month. Now when I logged into my account, I see that there are lots of messages from potential buyers. Now I’m thinking, should I reply to all of those messages?

  • I think I should reply to them because those messages might try to continuously make my response time later by each passing day. And it’s even possible that one of them might still be willing to work with me.
  • But then again I think, maybe I shouldn’t reply. Because all of those buyers might think that I’m a seller who always responds late…

Any suggestions from experts… 🙂

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If you respond to a ~30 day message there’s a chance your avg response time will show as something like 30 days (if that’s how long ago the buyer sent the message). That might put future buyers off ordering.

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Always reply. I sometimes miss messages that go in my spam inbox and no matter how much time has passed I always respond apologising I didn’t see the message, and if they still need anything to contact me. Even if the buyer has found another seller they usually appreciate the communication.

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