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Order Cancelled by fiverr customer support after buyer got work and kept creating disputes

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I recently delivered Machine learning task. Task included demo and improving accuracy. Buyer agreed to give extra time for second part and we decided that I will deploy app on cloud.
Once I completed the second part and buyer had code, buyer removed me from the google cloud platform and I could not deploy the final app and raised disputes that requirement is not met.
I requested to grant access but he never replied in chat and kept generating disputes. I tried to address the issue that deployment could have been only done after the second phase and I can deploy it if you grant me an access but he never granted access.
I kept rejecting the disputes and he kept raising it every minute.
In the end fiverr customer support cancelled the order. Value of order was $410 and I spend 3 weeks on it.

I contacted CS during this period and they asked to resolve issue with buyer. After some time, order got cancelled by fiverr customer support. I asked for a reason but did not get response.

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