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Hello Everyone ......... I am Teslim


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I am Teslim , A Wix , WordPress & Full Stack Web Developer From Nigeria , I am Happy To Join This Community & I am Also On The Lookout For a Kind & Experienced Mentor , To Help with Creating My 1st Gig & Suceeding On Fiver Above all

Help with Creating My 1st Gig & Suceeding On Fiver Above all

I Develop Websites , With Wix , WordPress & All Web Technologies … Since I have Joined Fiverr I have Never Got a Gig … But I need a Precise Guide to get My 1st Sale

Take on board the advice given in your previous topic above.

Also, follow this: New Sellers .... The True Way to Success!

Fiverr is not easy money and you have to put in the effort if you want to succeed.

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Welcome to the FIVERR. Here are some tips to create your first gig:

  • Try to use the main keyword on your gig title, research on it
  • You must use the keyword on your gig description and you can highlight some of them.
  • Add some Common FAQ that the buyers may ask.
  • DON’T overcharge to the buyers, just charge the exact and legal price|
  • Image should be eye-catching, fresh, and professional. The first impression is very important and the image creates a good impression on the buyers.
  • Don’t put an extra word in the gig image
  • Try to use video on your gig gallery, it gets more chances of getting orders.
  • Just write the exact service that you are able to provide, DON’T DO COPY PASTE
  • And most importantly, research on everything.

Best of luck.

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