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Music Video made with Fiverr.com


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Hi everyone, I just wanted to share my story with the community.

I tried to come up with an idea for a music video that wouldn’t be incredibly expensive and something not too overwhelming to carry out. I decided I wanted to put Fiverr.com to the test, and contacted a bunch of sellers (mostly spokespersons) asking if they might be up for some lip-syncing. I was skeptical at first as I suspected most would turn it down, thinking it would be far out of their comfort-zone, but turns out I was wrong. Except for a few members, most were incredibly positive to the project and really put a lot of effort into it.

It was a great experience to see the videos coming into my inbox, and even more fun putting it all together. Just wanted to thank all the awesome people who participated, I think this is a great example of what a excellent resource this site can be.

The final result can be seen here, hope you like it!

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