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Most hilarioous Gig Ranking Theories


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If you’ve been on fiverr for a while you should definately have heard at least one funny theory suggesting gig ranking with a specific method. There are so many but I’ll start with my favorite one:

“Favorite exchange helps in gig ranking”.

You’ll be surprised of how many fiverr sellers out there believe that having many favorites on your gig helps you rank it. I am member of many related facebook groups and I see them all the time exchanging favorites thinking that it helps their gig to rank higher in search results.

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I don’t think I’ve run into a funny “ranking” tactic yet, just a whole lot of sad and completely useless ones.

The standard online always every day, all day 💩.

The post and like x number of times each day on the forum 💩.

The vague and spammy post your gigs on social media 💩.

The send 10 Buyer Requests every day so Fiverr knows you are active and a go-getter 💩.

And so forth…

It all adds up to a mountain of
💩 💩
💩 💩 💩

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I once read that you could get higher ranking by keeping your own gig page open 24/7 (not being online 24/7, no, that wasn’t enough. It had to be your gig page!).

Another one was posting your gig constantly to social media (basically the advice was to spam your gig everywhere you could) and that would make sure you got so many impressions that your ranking would rise. Obviously a crap advice.

Then you have the classic ones like keyword stuffing in the description, or constantly editing your gig description.

However, the most hilarious one I’ve read was in a Facebook group where some guy wrote that he had much more success on Fiverr after he put a picture of a cute girl on his gig image. Come to think of it, that might be a good idea… :rofl:

I wrote a guide on how to rank your gig for search on Fiverr with some actual advice.

We’ve all seen these posts here on the forum from time to time. Many sellers have the same question: “Why isn’t my gig visible when I search for it?” and “What’s up with Fiverr’s algorithm? My gig is on the last page!!!”. In this post I’ll try to answer those questions, and give some (hopefully) helpful tips and tricks to help you rank your gig in Fiverr Search, and get more orders and better visibility. This isn’t a full-proof guide in any way. Following these tips doesn’t guarantee top plac…
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Skill Tests is the most recent one I’ve seen circulate. It’s funny because that particular ‘feature’ is even more disassociated than the forums are. The tests are provided by ExpertRating (while the forum is Discourse), and far more buggy. Sure the tests appear on a user’s profile, but that’s it. There’s no interaction, no feedback, no lessons, nothing that actually helps a Seller.

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I’m trying hard to reduce how often I “debunk” some of these when a Newbie posts something about their Gigs getting “deranked” and how horrible this is quickly turning on them as they are not seeing anymore “knocks” and other such nonsense.


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