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Can we send request if i am not getting orders


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Hi Fiverr family i am from Pakistan. I am new on Fiverr and my frustration is building as I am not getting orders. I wanted to ask if as per Fiverr policy are we allowed to send request to other people to give us orders if they have any extra? Also can we go buyer request window and also ask from them to give us the tasks?

Mohammad Saud

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I assume you’re talking about contacting other sellers to ask them to send orders your way?

If so, the answer is no.

As a top rated seller I get these messages from time to time, from new sellers who want me to provide them work. They get instantly reported for spam. This is against the terms of service on Fiverr, and you should never, ever spam people to get work. First of all, it requires me to take time out of my day to respond or report your message, which in turn can be both harmful to you and cost me valuable time (plus, it’s annoying!). So never do that.

When it comes to buyer requests, you can answer the requests that show up, but you should never contact buyers with anything not related to a specific request that they have posted.

Hope this helps.

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