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Are these ad images made by a Fiverr Seller?


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I would imagine so. I can’t see them paying a whole lot of money when they can just hire one of the Fiverr users for $5(I am sure they were a bit more generous.). Why the interest, anyways? I did an image search and it doesn’t trace back to being in anyone’s portfolio so who knows.

@cheezees It’s a page relevance thing. It sees you’re familiar with Fiverr so it starts reading your cookies and displaying the ad. It is a fairly new(Like. two years new… so not really new… exactly.) marketing attempt Google and other search engines have been trying out. Essentially, by clearing out your cookies more often the ad won’t show up as much if you keep up with it. I use an ad blocker so I don’t really see them at all. I guess the logic behind it is let’s say you were shopping somewhere and bought something, then forgot about the site. If the cookies are still stored, that ad will keep popping up a lot more often as you are already a proven converting customer.

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Reply to @celticmoon:

They made by Fiverr itself and promotion fiverr through Google adwords to get more traffic.

Nice to see that fiverr team are considering every aspect to promote fiverr and bringing more business to us.


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