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Order Completion Rate isn’t going up since 96%

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I am facing this since months, contacted support several time but no help.

My order completion is stuck on 96%, I complete orders it goes to 97% then in few hours it drops to 96% again, same thing happening ever since.

Contacted support, but they say is it’s calculated on 60 days basis and don’t worry 96% is still a good percentage, I’ve been trying to tell them that I understand how this works, but it’s a bug or error, because it goes 97% from 96% every few days, but again it drops to 96% doesn’t matter how many order I complete, but they don’t seem to understand.

Can you help me guys?

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Don’t forget that, even as you’re completing new orders, old ones are cycling out. All orders on on the 60 day cycle.

I totally understand that, I think you’re missing the point. My rate went 97% yesterday after few order completion, and in morning it’s 96% again for no reason. It’s been happening since months.

Suppose, it’s 96% right now, when I will complete few orders in next few days it will jump to 97% and it should stay the same, but in few hours it will go down on 96% for no reason.

and it’s going on and on for months

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