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Ok, an honest view of the situation with the rankings

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I’m reading so many guys complaining of their rankings. Up and down, first high then low. I would like to clarify what I think about this because could help calming down anyone.

There is a search engine, I know, and there are rankings. It’s obvious, more impressions your GIG receives more opportunities you have. I say opportunities and not orders for an obvious reason. Orders appear on your page for multiple reasons (the most important your skill and your talent). So I can’t use that word.

I’ll use “opportunities”. So you have more opportunities. We all would like more opportunities but there is not space for anyone. If you are up, another one is down. While the rankings are affected by your stats, at the same time there is a rotation. Up and down, so while you are the best one, you can’t be always on top. This is to leave space to anyone, so the system can test them.

At the same time, we can’t know the algorithm behind the search engine. This is to prevent gaming. Another obvious thing, but many can’t “grasp” this.

I don’t want to know what is the algorithm, because I don’t want other ones know that. I mean, it must be kept secret, so there are opportunities to anyone. I don’t know if you can get what I’m saying. I hope so.

That’s all. Maybe this will lower the number of complains about rankings. Have fun, produce, create. Life is wonderful, and life on Fiverr is fantastic 🙂

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