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I want to publish a new gig


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It depends on what you’re planning to offer. “Wordpress” can mean anything from installing plugins to custom development, bug-fixing, designing an entire website, or anything in-between. So you’ll have to be more specific about what you’re planning to offer.

If you’re asking for ideas on what to offer, I would recommend that you look through all the Wordpress/developer subcategories. Take stock of what’s being offered at what rates. Then evaluate how much time these tasks might take you, and if you can offer them at better rates or add something unique to your gig that sets you apart from other sellers.

Also, I strongly recommend that you read through some of the great guides in the Tips for sellers section of the forum.

Here’s a few to get you started:

The forum is full of new sellers desperately wanting success. Someone has told them that you just create a gig and everybody rushes to buy it … Easy money! Of course that is not the case! Selling on Fiverr is just like opening a business. Imagine you are opening a shop in a town. You would see what the competition is doing. Are they offering the same thing as you. Can you offer something different or better. Or maybe a niche that nobody else has thought of. That is called research and you…
We’ve all seen these posts here on the forum from time to time. Many sellers have the same question: “Why isn’t my gig visible when I search for it?” and “What’s up with Fiverr’s algorithm? My gig is on the last page!!!”. In this post I’ll try to answer those questions, and give some (hopefully) helpful tips and tricks to help you rank your gig in Fiverr Search, and get more orders and better visibility. This isn’t a full-proof guide in any way. Following these tips doesn’t guarantee top plac…
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