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Why orders decreased after getting to level 2


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Hi guys, I joined fiverr last year & everything was working fine, as per my target I got to level 2 in a year & at this time I have done with 70 orders. but all of a sudden, my every gig has lost its impressions & so with the click!!
I made no changes, nothing else!
Even for the gigs that were having 400 plus impressions daily, now stand at less than 10 impressions!
What I can do in this situation?

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My very first month as a Level Two seller was actually my worst month ever on Fiverr (but being without power for a week due to a winter windstorm didn’t help either).

I’ve always performed poorly impression-wise, but for some reason, business has picked up for me and I’m now doing far better than I ever did as a non-leveled or Level One seller. I don’t know as to what changed and caused my upswing in business, but I know well enough that orders can dry up in a moments notice.

If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it. But if things are continuously going poorly, then some type of change is warranted.

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