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I cann't get any order yet?


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I add video and three images for my first gig gallery, but I have 7 impressions.
If you know how to attract client please help me.

If you are want Ican send you my profile link.

favicon-32x32.png.24736a2e3c3273d723a2b2f718f7c06c.png Fiverr.com 0b890c15-917f-4155-adef-d559e0d24d0b.png.4bf05a0450f1cf512cb963bbfce65eb4.png

thenuram's public profile on Fiverr

Hello!My name is Thenura Methwan, and I love programming, and I do it with my sacrifice and intense passion .I've over 5 years of experience in full stuck developmentand over also 5 years of programming in general. I will go above and behind to make...

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There’s a few spelling and grammar mistakes on your gig and profile. If English isn’t your first language then there are services such as grammarly that can help you. Secondly you added a video but it takes 17 seconds before it actually gets to the info people want to see. Your short bio says “6 years of video editing” but your gig and main description are to do with web development. Also your cheapest package is described as a “low performance” site. Try to use a more positive word even when describing the basic option. Finally you put your referral link to Canva in the gig description, remove that. Good luck with your gig!

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