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Revisions & extras gone from Custom Offers on phone APP

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Since the latest updates on iOs version of the phone application, I cannot include any Revisions or gig extras along with the customized offer to be sent to clients. I did not update my iPad with the latest version because I am scared it will make the situation identical.

Here is my Custom Offer menu on my phone :

184060844_262734495583175_1409166999928318403_n828×1792 61 KB

And here is the screen, I am used to have, currently on my iPad :

183933940_294749972319821_3296684217327078913_n1321×1696 53.8 KB

As you can see, the " Define the Scope " section is entirely gone on the phone application and does not allow me to offer any extras or revisions.

70% of my order flow is going through the Custom Offer section; being able to quickly send offers tailored to the customers need is paramount.

Now you would tell me " why don’t you just use your PC or tablet to send an offer ?"
Here is the thing : about half of my custom orders are sent DURING THE NIGHT as I usually wake up once or twice (life with kids) and take this opportunity to check Fiverr activity. Due to time differences, many of my clients are contacting me during Japan nighttime. I do not sleep with my tablet and PC next to me and I am used to send custom offers directly from my phone. Then go back to sleep.

Can this please be assessed and fixed ?

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You will need to send this to Customer Service. No no one on the Fiverr Forum can help you.

You are absolutely right and I will do so !

Though my post was not aimed at getting help from others, but getting it noticed from moderators / Fiverr staff in order for them to potentially raise the issue internally. Hopefully this can be a way for others to relate and testify of their similar issue.

Because in the end, if the " Report a bug " section of the Forum was not for such purpose and should be solely used to seek advice from other users, as you imply, would it not make it obsolete ?

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