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Tips to promote your GIG


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Hey ! 😃

I’m just a little level 1 seller but in real life I’m a certified Google Enterprise trainer into lead generation methods & strategies for french business. So I would be glad to share with you some tips I train to my custommers 🙂

I - Assume that your potential custommers have ALWAYS 2 questions in their mind :

a) So what ?

b) What is in it for me ?

So make sure that your GIG answer this 2 questions.

II - You are an EXPERT. Give to your custommer relevant FREE and POWERFULL advices.

III - When someone is contacting you and have a question about your GIG, NEVER answer “Maybe” ! If they contact you, assume that they are interested in your GIG. Answering their question by a solution will give you 90% of chance to make this prospect into a custommer.

IV - Make 3 differents elevator pitch : one of ten seconds (Intro when someone is contacting you), one of 30 seconds (Perfect on the phone, or when you want to develop a specific resquest from a potential buyer) and one of 1 minute (For internet / your profile in your social media / for your GIG )

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