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Gig rank down + Gig unqualified for GIG PROMOTION


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Hi guys,

I have one gig which was on the first 4 placements when you initiated a search for me. but now I can’t even find my gig. when I used search options like seller details and seller level then it shows on the last page. before losing my rank I cancelled my first order when I have more than 80+ reviews and I have completed 100+ orders.
after that, I also received a message that my gig is unqualified for using promoted gig

I have no idea what to do. Customer support is not saying anything so I can get ranked again, - they just said the gigs are active deliver on time and provide good service.

I would appreciate some help in this matter since I have no idea how can I ranked again or when the gig will be available on the search page. if anyone face the same problem, please suggest to me how to come back again or when it will come back,


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Guest gownix123

Have you read this thread yet?

This is not working like its should 🙂 i have everystat around 98-100% did around 100 gigs with 5 star positive rating and still cant find my giga anymore

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