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Multiply time for multiple gig purchases under the same order

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Agreed. This has been a complaint forever, and I see it come up again and again. Fiverr should fix this.

And yet they don’t. I get angry new buyers asking “WTF WHY DID YOU ADD A WEEK” and then I have to explain the bug with Fiverr to calm them down. Smh every time…

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Just to chip in from the particular services I provide, voice over allows word count limits that a seller can set which will automatically extend delivery deadline if surpassed, but that very same feature is not available for the video spokesperson category for some reason.

For example, if someone orders a 5000 word voiceover from me, I will automatically have 5 days added to my normal delivery date, but if someone orders a 5000 words spokesperson video, I don’t have any additional days to record such a huge order.

A bit of uniformity in feature availability would be nice.

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