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Fiverr fraud? Money stolen - No answer of any ticked I opened


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Fiverr Support - why don’t you answer on support tickets? You banned me after applying Paypal Buyer Protection - that’s against Paypal TOS! What should I do if you don’t solve this problem YOU caused!

I am a honest buyer on fiverr. That’s really infame what happens on fiverr.

Let’s tell tell story:

I ordered a 5$ gig on fiverr from “top seller” fragglesrock. Including some extras I paid 45$. 15$ I paid from my fiverr balance, 30$ (gig upgrade days later) directly from Paypal.

fragglesrock didn’t want to work on that gig and offered me canceling it. After canceling I only got 15$ back. So I asked for support and enquired about this fact. Nobody answered. I made another ticket. Nobody answering.

Of course I applied for PayPal-Buyer-Protection. After this fiverr blocked my account and debitted 30$ from my amount. Now fiverr ows me 60$! What a crime! So, fiverr - in my eyes you are fraudsters?!

I opened a third ticket on fiverr. Nobody answered. Some days later fivver blocked my account. That seems to be an ingenious fraud.

I am rather at a loss – Anyone a idea what to do?

Sheriff’s note: it’s not allowed to call out other members names

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fiverr support: My origin account is “powerlabels”. I signed in for this 2. account to be able to tell my story here on fiverr because you blocked my origin account. I hope you solve that problem. If yes, please delete this 2. account again. Thanks.

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I am waiting 2 weeks now and got no reply on any ticket.

They write in their TOS that you get your monay back if gig is cancelled. I only got 15 bucks back, and 30 NOT! So, naturally I apply Paypal Buyer Protection.

Fivver wants to break Paypal TOS, but they are not allowed to do this. Damned, everybody makes it’s own rules. Fiverr has to respect common law, which is much more important than Fiverr TOS.

But the most important question is: why does Fiverr not work on my tickets? Are they slackers or allmost scammers? In my opinion they are both!

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Guest doctorlucy

I also had the same problem,someone added paypay to my account (which i had’t done already) and removed all the money from my account. Is there anything i can do ??

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