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Possible violation of terms and service

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Hello everyone,

I bought my first thing on fiverr today, a webshop that is now being developed in some weeks. When I was going to pay, there was some sort of problem with ideal (the dutch paying system) and I had trouble paying. I did not have a creditcard linked to my paypal and therefore I was not sure I could just pay with the balance. Therefore, I asked for the private paypal of the seller. Apparently this is against the rules, so it got deleted and flagged, and I payed the amount later on via paypal balance anyway via fiverr.

I would like to know what happens if they think I violated the rules, since I payed for my product already. Do I have to be afraid of losing my money or time from buying the product?

The message that got flagged was this:

Message 1:Can’t you just send me your PayPal? (flagged)

Message 2: Im having a hard time

EDIT: To clarify: I did buy it via fiverr and they got their share.

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You have paid through fiverr so you don’t need to worry about your money and time any more…its safe!
Keep all conversation and transactions though fiverr only to keep your self safe…

Fiverr takes care of their sellers and buyers when they are honest and transact though their platform !

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