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Very bad experience!


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i got scam.
and now the seller remove account 😕
how he accept the order and got money if i dont aceept? and didnt got nothing.

i hope fiverr support hellp me with this scamer!

****** this is the scamer!

Mod Note: Username removed. Very bad experience!

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First if all: it’s not allowed to put a sellers username on the forum like that. Please remove it.

Second: nobody on the forum can help you with this, I’m afraid. You need to contact customer support and explain your issue to them. You can do so here: https://www.fiverr.com/support_tickets/new

Best of luck!

its ok, he remove the username. So it does not matter

and i do all for got my money. 1500$

pure shame.

All these crooks who destroyed this place called fiverr.

And it’s a shame they give it to the principals.

Every seller just needs to be authenticated

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