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One buyer disturb me :( Please help!

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When i joined Fiverr I got a buyer. I was talking with him so many times and provied my skills. He told me that he will hire me in the next 7 days. But 3-4 months has been gone. He messages me and just discusses my price and skill. But don’t hire me. When I ask him he tells me to wait 7 days 😦

So i have blocked the buyer. Now he sends me a custom offer. I was also rejected his custom offer 3-4 times. But he is not stopped!

In his profile, there has no review (he join Fiverr in 2016). he is also a liar (i can prove it).

  1. Is Fiverr can punish me for this reason.
  2. What can I do at this moment. Should I avoid his custom offer? 😦

please help me. Thanks, advanced 😊

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