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My days in Fiverr

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Peoples in the various freelancing group is depending on their own experience and the experience of their friends and colleagues. Mine is not an anomaly either. When a question arises about the best freelancing sites, I’ll refer to Fiverr as best for everyone. It’s best for not only as market place but also for freelancer community plaform. The keynotes that’s makes fiverr another level is -

  • Buyer Request System
  • A Paradise For Novice Freelancer
  • Unlimited Offer Available
  • A Great Community Platform - Fiverr Forum
  • Incredible Charging Formula for High to Low Price

My fiverr experience is not so long. It’s about one year. At first I want to share my first order experience. I open my fiverr account & completed my account. I didn’t applied any buyer request. As my new id, I couldn’t wish to have order without any buyer request application. In this day, I’ve an invitation to my aunt house , I went there and passed the night there.After that day I woke in the morning and found my order box containing a order. This things overhelmed me so much. I believe that’s only possible on Fiverr. As a days going I found couple of works but not as I expected. But the memory of my first work will always be colorful and I’ll remember that days on Fiverr.

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