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Null review after client feedback

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Hey Guys, Do you know what is meant by Null Review on Fiverr. Today I have got a Null review after delivery the order to my client though he had given me 5 🌟

Null Review

In what context? Was this in a notification? An email from Fiverr? In the Order Page? On your profile page?

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On my profile at review section

It’s not showing that on your public profile. If it’s showing that’s on your profile when you’re logged in maybe it could be a bug where it logged that a review was created but doesn’t have (or couldn’t load) the full details of it (eg. no review text). Showing a screenshot would clarify. If it is a bug, reporting it in a support ticket might get it fixed.

You could also try logging out and then back in again or doing Ctrl F5 to reload the page to see if that changes anything that’s displayed there when logged in.

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