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Fiverr disabled my profile for a Fake copyright claim!

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So I randomly got a mail saying that I copied an image for my gig from another Fiverr seller.

image589×532 16.5 KB

Who claimed it? On what exact image? How did you cross-check? or did you at all?!!

Anyways, the mail directs me to “Consult their Help Center” which asks me to log in, and guess what? I just came here because you restricted me from login.

Wow-what is this, how am I suppose to contacts them?? [Anyways I will try to mail them now, or if you have a better solution please let me know]

Now getting on the picture thing, I know what exact picture they are talking about.
This is my Behance (generally I don’t maintain my portfolio but luckily I uploaded this image) for that same image [idk if I can share this link or not, tell me if I can’t I will remove it ASAP]: https://www.behance.net/gallery/95486557/Face-Retouch

The original image belongs to unsplash.com which is technically free if I give them attributes which I actually did if you see on the lower left of the picture. and my Fiverr acc link on the top left.

Idk how to respond now? I know I will solve this mess but the thing is my account is restricted. I have no active orders but what if I had? this is ridiculous that they restrict someone from any fake allegation.

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