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Fiverr Unlimited Revision Exploit

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Okay, So I just made a mistake adding Unlimited Revisions into my Gig,

A client requested a revision for the image I delivered, the client requested for a revision without any direction of what to change, by saying “its odd” and compares me to other artist on fiverr,

I revised the artwork and delivered it to them, Same Request Saying, “its odd, incorrect, Please Redo”
,I redid the image having no idea what seems to be odd about it, The revision has no instructions on what to revise so I told them to be more specific, they said “the artwork looks odd” then he requested to cancel the order,
I declined the offer and he just keep requesting revisions repeatedly with the same message as I keep revising the artwork, I realized he could do it forever as I have UNLIMITED REVISION included

Got tired of it and accepted his cancellation request

Is there anything I could do in that situation?

I already changed my revision to a more reasonable amount

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There is nothing you can do if you were giving unlimited revisions at that time. The buyer and you did not seem to be on the same page about the artwork you did and whatever the fantasy was in their mind. Kind of reminds me of someone who goes to a hairdresser and doesn’t give them direction, but, says, “Do what you think will look good on me” and then they hate it or it looks “odd” to them - and instead of showing a picture of some hairdo they had in mind, they just keep hoping the hairdresser will “sense” what it was they wanted!

At least you changed your Gig to offer a more reasonable amount of revisions. Typically 2 or 3 should be more than enough to get it right. It is important that the buyer be informed that they need to give you a clear not vague notion of what they want so you are not just stabbing in the dark hoping your idea is along the same line as their “vision”.


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