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Not promotable (Unqualified), How can i solved it?


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Hi EveryOne,

I got promoted option for two gigs. After 4 months has an issue with my two gigs. Fiverr says that my gig is not promoted. ( this gig can not be promoted as its falls short of others gig in your service category)

favicon-32x32.png.ff54a0504fb57449eae526167034322d.png Fiverr.com 20f8d115-613d-40c4-82d2-c8721513116c.jpg.76094b86605a0753c3d4cac963444cd1.jpg

joyroy0401's public profile on Fiverr

Hello! I am Professional of Clean Logo and Clean Flyer design with Graphic Designer .I have More Than 6 years of solid Experience on Graphic Design. I am very Efficient and Creative.An expert in-Adobe Photoshop & Adobe Illustrator: Clean...

Above this is my profile link. So please check my profile and where is the problem of my service category? And How can I get promote option again?


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