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Fiverr skill test related tips

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Hi, dear friend
Many people want English skill tests to get the Fiverr gig published. If you make a mistake in the test three times in a row, the test cannot be given within 90 days. Many of us think gig description article, Fiverr skill test if grammatical is wrong. In fact, that is not the case. Usually, if you make a mistake in Basic English such as Capital letters at the beginning of the sentence, where the (,) will sit, where the( _) will sit, where the (.) will sit if you copy someone else. If this basic thing is wrong then Fiverr checks through 40 English questions how much the seller’s English proficiency. Skill tests can be passed by getting a minimum of 10 marks in 40 marks test. So especially for new sellers, if you want to work on fiverr platform, you need to know English well.

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