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I find the rules here, how things are done to be obscure and not easily accessible or understood. I have found something I am interested in buying, purchased multiple gigs and intended to purchase more but apparently I am on report (for some unknown reason) - not sure how that happens, or why, or who decides… it was my understanding that the conversations between a buyer and a seller are confidential - so I went in search of answers to this issue - I find the method of contacting the Fiverr people to be obscure and not easily accessible. Unless somebody somewhere explains why I am no longer able to communicate w the seller, I am going to insist on a refund of my gigs and go find another place to do business. And if someone in my circle asks what I think of Fiverr, I will recommend they not bother… the hassles outweigh its advantages.

Now, if the forum to lodge a specific complaint were anywhere near this easy, I wouldn’t be writing this here. Anyone else have a similar problem?

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