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Feedback for this site from a newbie

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Hi. Today was my first day at your site. Overall the site is great and full of energy and positive statements, however I don’t think I will be using it much after some sellers complete work for me. Here is my main reason why. I joined this site as a buyer since I was searching for ways to promote my new website. While searching for business related sellers, I also noticed some services and things I would love to buy. “Like caricature of my dog for example” 🙂 I have a full time business and a retail store that I run, so I am kind of a busy person. I posted three requests for gigs to save me some time in my search. Two of them got denied and third one is still pending. Because of that, I have spent several hours today searching for what I need to find, instead of sellers finding me. “I am here to spend money, not to earn money after all.” Why were my requests denied? Uhm… without any explanations its hard to figure out. I tried to contact fiverr to see what I am doing wrong and guess what? Your contact information is more confusing than current situation in Ukraine. The only positive thing I got out of this site today, is the reminder to have some beer. “Thank you for that” But seriously as a buyer, I have spent too much unnecessary time for searching, instead of doing useful work.

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