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From lots of orders to zero orders

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You can check on your gig statistics, maybe there is some drop on there.
If you found any drop, it can cause from any result.
Sometimes it just not your fault, it’s just because of Fiverr rotation algorithm I think.

I hope you will soon get a lot of orders again.

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Yes Exactly, This is what happening with me.
I was not getting 10 massages but atleast I was getting a bit response impressions was good. But now everything is going down day by day.

Please checkout my gigs if any one find anything wrong that I can improve let me know please.

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Hi @takeabreaath I have the same problem too! Usually I get lot of messages and orders …nearly 15 orders per month! But I haven’t received more than 2 messages and 1 order on this month! I was in fiverr for 3 years and I am 2 level seller! I did not face this kind of worst experience in fiverr! All my time is wasting on updating fiverr daily! Nothing works! If it goes like this, then I am going to quit fiverr!

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